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Not included in purchase price is Seller’s personal property (unless included at lines 12-16) and the following:
Included in purchase price is the Property, all Fixtures on the Property as of the date stated on line 1 of this Offer (unless excluded at lines 20-23), and the following additional items:
Not included in purchase price is Seller’s personal property (unless included at lines 12-16) and the following:
This is the date the offer expires if not accepted or countered by the seller. NOT the final acceptance date.
Closing will take place selected by seller unless otherwise agreed upon.
If “Time is of the Essence” applies to a date or Deadline, failure to perform by the exact date or Deadline is a breach of contract. If "Time is of the Essence" does not apply to a date or Deadline, then performance within a reasonable time of the date or Deadline is allowed before a breach occurs.
Is the buyer getting a loan?
The Deadline for delivery of the loan commitment set on line 250 to deliver to Buyer written notice of Seller's decision to finance this transaction with a note and mortgage under the same terms set forth in this Offer, and this Offer shall remain in full force and effect, with the time for closing extended accordingly. 293 If Seller's notice is not timely given, the option for Seller to provide financing shall be considered waived. Buyer agrees to cooperate with and authorizes Seller to obtain any credit information reasonably appropriate to determine Buyer's credit worthiness for Seller financing.
BUMP CLAUSE: If Seller accepts a bona fide secondary offer, Seller may give written notice to Buyer that another offer has been accepted.
Real estate taxes, rents, prepaid insurance (if assumed), private and municipal charges, property owners or homeowners association assessments, fuel AND
CONVEYANCE OF TITLE: Upon payment of the purchase price, Seller shall convey the Property by warranty deed (trustee’s deed if Seller is a trust, personal representative’s deed if Seller is an estate or other conveyance as provided herein), free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, except: municipal and zoning ordinances and agreements entered under them, recorded easements for the distribution of utility and municipal services, recorded building and use restrictions and covenants, present uses of the Property in violation of the foregoing disclosed in Seller’s Real Estate Condition Report and in this Offer, general taxes levied in the year of closing and that constitutes merchantable title for purposes of this transaction. Seller, at Seller’s cost, shall complete and execute the documents necessary to record the conveyance and pay the Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Fee.
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